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Leading a Culture of Innovation

It all started with our founders who have great passion in innovation, who lead us to who we are today.

Our business decisions are driven by our values, which drive our actions every day: how we perform our tasks, how we interact with our customers, ethical working conditions for our team, how we support our customers, through providing excellent services that exceeding customers' expectations.

The Company

Oppstar is one the few Malaysian companies in the front-end of the semiconductor industry, offering a full spectrum of IC design services. The chips we design play a prominent role ushering in a new era of digitalization and are used in various industries including telecommunication, consumer electronics, industrial electronics and automotive. 

Oppstar was founded in 2014 by three IC design industry experts, with the vision to become a preeminent global Semiconductor brand in R&D. Today, Oppstar employs over 200 highly skilled employees and is enroute to realizing its vision by being the preferred one-stop IC design solution provider to its customers. 


To become a preeminent global Semiconductor brand in R&D.


To nurture the local talents, bringing out their best to perform on the world stage at the forefront of a high-value chain of the global semiconductor.

Vision & Mission


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Our Core Values

Take responsibility for Quality

Oppstarians are constantly being motivated to take responsibilities for work quality. We believe in teamwork and leadership, where the ability to simultaneously perform as an individual and together with your colleagues or employees in effective teamwork is key to attaining growth and success.

Drive & Innovate to exceed customer satisfaction

Oppstarian are driven by curiosity and a desire to grow by learning new things and look beyond the horizon for new ideas and possibilities - to deliver beyond customer's expectations and keep customer satisfaction high.

Act with Integrity

Doing the right job is just one aspect, more importantly is to do the job right. Outside the workplace, we ensure that our job is done in a honest, responsible and ethical way. Inside the workplace, we put high importance on workplace ethics in order to ensure a friendly working environment.

Value our employees

Employees are treated as individuals and empowered to do their best. Our greatest strength lies in the skill, judgement and talent of our employees. We recognize that our success is related directly to the dedication and performance of our employees. We value honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork.

Core Values

Executive Management

Leading a Culture of Innovation

Executive Management

Chun Chiat Tan

Founder, Chief Operation Officer


28+ years of experience in IC package, test hardware, board and system design management across computing and networking segments.


Meng Thai Ng

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


30+ years of experience in IC design and management of micro-controller, CPU, Chipset, SoC and FPGA.


Hun Wah Cheah


Founder, Chief Technology Officer


27+ years of experience in IC design and product development of Chipset P&R, SoC and FPGA.

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