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College Students

Internship Program

We are looking for highly motivated students, with good marks, willing to learn engineering skills, design processes, communication within the team and with future customers, ideally ready to face challenges in the cutting edge engineering areas.

Our internship programs are organised in such a way, so that our interns gain practical engineering skills, obtain/have interesting engineering and scientific (topics) results for their academic thesis. It is important to underline that all this will not stop them from participating in their regular education obligations at the University. 

Internships are paid, (depending on the of the efforts) – merit based. 

Internships last for a minimum of 6 months. Colleagues with good internships results will be offered permanent job positions. 

In addition to this, Oppstar Technology offers training internship for fresh engineers without any practical experiences. We have created a specific education program for embedded SW/HW and FPGA&ASIC and Analog IC Design fields. 


What competences we are looking for:

  • Final year / master studies student at relevant University in area of Electronics

  • Strong theoretical background in analog and digital electronics

  • VHDL/Verilog, Mathlab/Simulink and Python are an advantage

  • Solid knowledge of English, both written and spoken

As  a part of our team you should be:

  • Interest in solving complex and time critical problems

  • Positive, motivated and eager to learn new things

  • Able to think creatively and produce "out of the box" solutions

  • Prepared to tackle new technologies


Apply for the internship, with a one-page CV, and a Cover letter and submit here.


Involvement in local talent market

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