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Corporate Social Responsibility

Through practice of our values, we work to expand our business and contribution to the healthy development of society.

At Oppstar Technology, we conduct business based on the our core values and the principle of “doing what is right as a human being,” which also forms the foundation of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Through the values, we work to address CSR issues, build relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders, and aim for sustainable growth. At the same time, we endeavor to contribute to the healthy development of society.


Human Rights Statement

Treating all persons with respect

Oppstar Technology is committed to treating all persons with respect as expressed in our code of conduct and to doing business with third parties who share our values. Therefore, all forms of slavery, human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor as defined by applicable law are prohibited within the company’s operations.


Diversity Workplace

Treating all human kinds equally

With a foundation built on equal opportunity, diversity and respect, Oppstar Technology committed to maintaining a professional work environment free of all forms of harassment and discrimination. We believe that through our collective uniqueness we achieve great things.  We encourage all our employees, customers and neighbors to simply be you!


Creating Local Employment

Support local economics

As a homegrown business in Malaysia, the impact of its business activities on the economies and lifestyles of these countries and regions is significant. Recognizing that we have a responsibility to pay attention to the history of the country or region and care about local residents as we carry out our business activities, we contribute to the development of local communities not only by creating and promoting local employment but also by working on skills advancement for sustainable development, support for self-reliance, and protection of the local culture and the environment.


Facilitating business sustainability

Building next generation future

Oppstar Technology develops partnerships with organisations and education institutions to support education in Malaysia, reinforcing our links with local communities in line with Oppstar’s strategy and business priorities. We work with several universities in driving their curriculums and projects towards churning out fresh graduate engineers that are already well verse in IC design flow and methodology to be a head start in semiconductor industry.


Appointed Advisors