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Our Solutions

Accelerate your product releases by relying on our highly-qualified engineers to develop the most optimal design solutions for your business.

A design solution to accelerate your production

Oppstar Technology offers wide spectrum of integrated circuit & electronic system design solutions that are optimized for power, performance, area & cost, providing greater design flexibility and a competitive edge that meet your business and technical requirements.

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We bring your ideas to production and support your design from specification to tape out


Architecture Consulting

Enhance competitiveness with our in-depth technological knowledge

Oppstar offers complex design services which include defining and developing architecture specification. Our architectural team will study the customers’ functional specification and requirements carefully in order to define and create an optimum architecture specifications.


The team will consider all important factors, which include schedule and resources, design techniques, performance, functionality, and physical dimensions during the process of defining architecture specification.

Architcture Consulting

RTL Design

Agile and high quality – analog design creation

Oppstar‘s RTL design engineers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in the networking, processors and chipsets, FPGA, mobile and automotive industries. Our design engineers are trained experts and experienced on designs going up to multi-million gates.

Our senior design engineers will closely collaborate with the customers’ project leader and architecture team to define micro-architecture specifications that creating the most optimal design solution for high speed, small area and low power.

The team will develop RTL for logic block or IP, perform integration of 3rd party IP libraries and develop SoC based upon customer requirements.

RTL Design

Design Verification (DV)

Silicon success thanks to design prowess

Design Verification ensures correctness of design functionality for a given hardware specification. Oppstar offers functional verification solution for both ASIC and FPGA at IP, Subsystem and SoC levels, with support extension in gate level simulation and mixed-mode simulation.


Our verification solution encompasses from flow setup, testbenching, testplanning per specification, test suite development, regression and debug, milestones definition and checklist to the final coverage analysis and sign-off.


We have extensive experience in industrial standard methodologies mainly in UVM where our expertise covers various verification strategies such as directed testing, constraint random verification, assertion based verification, functional or code coverage base verification. We are proficient in the use of major EDA vendor tools such as functional simulators from Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys as well as FPGA software from Intel and Xilinx.

Design Verification

Design For Test (DFT)

Engineering chip anatomy with testability and debuggin

Oppstar offers comprehensive Design-for-Testability (DFT) services which include DFT RTL development, MBIST implementation, scan insertion, scan compression, boundary scan (JTAG), power aware test and ATPG to achieve limit tending to a 100% test coverage.


Our DFT team are trained experts and experienced in using industry-standard DFT tools such as DFTAdvisor, Fastscan, TestKompress, Tetramax and etc. Oppstar's DFT team strives to provide silicon with least defects, reduce the cost and time associated with test development, and reduce the execution time of performing tests on fabricated chips.

Design for Debug
Analog & Mixed Signal

Analog & Mixed Signal (AMS)

Agile and high quality – analog design creation

Analog & mixed signal circuit are developed within boundaries. On one side, there is a requirement on specification, and on the other technology limitation. In Oppstar, we specialize in analog and mixed-signal design across wide spectrum of foundries and process technologies.


With a vastly experienced and seasoned team, we always work together and use our creativity within the framework to create the most optimum circuit solution for each of the unique customer. Our design profile spans across various industry verticals like Automotive, Communication, Consumer, Medical, IoT, AI & etc. Oppstar ultimate goal is always "first silicon success" - that's when no design modification are needed for a circuit and it can go straight into production. 


Physical Design & Custom Layout

Motivated team, better design capability

In Oppstar, the Back-End design team blend in both Physical Design and Custom Layout design skills. The engineer's knowledge in RTL to GDSII using both Cadence and Synopsys flows.


We maintained leading team with dedicated expertise in RTL Synthesis, Chip/Design Partitioning, Place & Route, Clock-Tree Synthesis, Power-Gated implementation, Logical/Power Equivalent Checks, Timing Closure and Physical Verification.


The engineers worked close with RTL designers on data-path design as well as timing or constraint feedback. The Custom Layout engineers have in-depth knowledge in the realm of FINFET processes and technologies. The team is excels in Analog & Digital layout design requirements that advances with latest process nodes.

Physical Design
Design Automation

Design Automation & Infrastructure

Motivated team, better design capability

Design Automation (DA) which is also commonly known as Computer Aided Design (CAD) Team provides common design EDA tools, flows, methodologies and infrastructures for all frontend and backend design communities.


The DA team supports design work by being the internal experts in EDA tools, as well as setting up effective data management and security infrastructure for IC design and verification. The team sets up EDA tools infrastructure needs for the project, and is involved sourcing the most effective EDA tools and providing the most effective engineering solution to design problems.  


The team offers wide range of design enablement solutions to complement foundry standard Process Design Kit (PDK) further improving design verification coverage.  For design specific, DA also provides customized automation programs to meet architectural design intent coverage and shorten Turn Around Time (TAT) to meet design schedule commitments.  


Tell us your problem statements, and we shall source for the most cost effective and efficient solution options.


FPGA Emulation and & Prototyping

Prototyping across multi platforms – we make it possible

Prototyping across multi platforms - we make it possible. Oppstar team have vast experience in FPGA emulation and prototyping, which will enable fast and accurate SoC system modeling and verification as well as accelerated software and firmware development. The team had emulated 80+ FPGA products for customers across Networking, Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. 


Oppstar Technology  offers full-service spectrum covering platform selection, emulation and prototyping, protocol qualification and processor-based emulation, system-level testing, test content development and automation across different platforms.

EDA Tools expertise: Xilinx Vivado, Intel Quartus II, Synopsys Synplify pro & Certify Pro, Mentor Graphics Precision RTL Synthesis

Debugging Tools: ChipScope, SignalTap, Logic Analyzer, Scope, FPGA editor

Devices:  Intel Stratix, Aria, Cyclone & Xilinx Virtex, Spartan, Kintex, Zynq

FPGA Emulation and & Prototyping

Post-Silicon Validation

Optimizing the test execution time

Oppstar’s Post Silicon Validation team has in-depth experiences in the whole gamut of silicon realization to deliver the full spectrum of post-silicon functional validation and test services.


Using our in-depth engineering expertise, we focus on eliminating functional and manufacturing bugs while optimizing the test execution time.


Oppstar offers a complete validation and test package that addresses the challenges imposed by increasingly complex chip designs. Our key services included Functional Validation, System Validation, IP Validation, Test Automation & Regression, Power, Electrical & Performance Validation, Reference Boards & Test boards development and Board Bring Up.

Post-Silicon Validation

IC Package & Substrate Design

Empower you to stay abreast of new developments in advanced packaging

Oppstar offers IC Package Design that encompasses the whole IC substrate design process, from the very beginning to the end. Our experiences in IC Package Design include CPU, SoC, Chipsets (including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones), network storage, gateway design, test vehicles as well as fiber optics.


On the other hand, our Packaging Technology design know-how includes different aspects such as Package on Package (PoP), System in Package (SiP), Interposer Design, Standard and Custom (balls anywhere) FC-BGA, WB-BGA, vfBGA & others such as PGA, FC-CSP & FC-LGA.

IC Package & Substrate Design

PCB Design

Get to market faster - for performance and manufacturability

Oppstar experienced expertise is there to provide the leading edge essential services such as High-Speed Digital Interface Design: S-DIMM/LP-DIMM DDR, USB, PCIe, memory, SATA, DDR2/3/4 routing topology, highly dense chipset signals break out.


We are highly familiar with various PCB technology design usages: via-any-layer, 2-x-2+ and 1-x-1+, via-in-pads for cost reduction. PCB Design incorporates various High-Speed Digital Design for Signal Integrity, Power integrity & Electro-Magnetic Interference Requirements.

PCB Design

Embedded System

Transforming your idea into a complete product

With the advent of IoT & AI, embedded systems has become an enabler for the rapidly expanding world of smart and connected device ecosystem.


In Oppstar, we expedite product innovation by offering wide range of Embedded System Design Services that aims toward transforming an idea into a complete product. We provide leadership on all aspects of embedded projects from concept to production, which includes system architecture & definition, hardware design (Schematic & PCB layout), firmware & software development, mechanical design, prototyping & validation as well as pilot production.


Our multi-disciplinary team excels at partnering with customers to understand their needs and to provide top-notch engineering support.

Embedded System


A complete development and supply chain support

Innovation is vital to your company's success in today's highly competitive business environment. As a trusted partner and supplier for semiconductor companies worldwide, Oppstar is one of the leading IC design service and solutions provider with extensive engineering expertise.


We excel in the areas of Computing Processors, Chipsets, Mobile Smartphone Computing & Modem, Graphics Processors, FPGAs, AI chips & various Automotive Electronics components.


We provide full turnkey design services interpreting architectural specification from RTL to GDS, and we even help our customers manage tape-outs, assembly, post-silicon testing, production and related supply chain.


Contact Oppstar for a free development quote today!

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