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ASIC Turnkey Solutions

Leverage our partnerships with leading service providers and learn about our complete development and supply chain support.

A Complete Turn-Key IC Solution

Innovation is vital to your company's success in today's highly competitive business environment. We help enterprises move faster, and startups build smarter. Accelerate your product releases by relying on our highly-qualified engineers to develop the most optimal custom IC solutions for your business, and our full support to take this to production.


Increase competitiveness with our in-depth technological knowledge 


Honest advise on selection of process and foundry


Advanced technical advice and support


Transparent, flexible and competetive IC product development


 International network of expert partners

Oppstar's Turnkey Design Services, include:


Our Approach


Feasibility, product definition, development plan (steps, schedule, efforts, tools, costs)

  • Will the idea work?

  • What is the best system topology?

  • What is the most suitable technology?

  • What development plan can we support?


Design, simulation, layout, verification, tape-out, evaluation, design adjustments.

Account for production requirements like DfT, ESD, chip area, etc.

Transfer to Production

Support data for production (gds2, testplan, etc.)


Connect to production partners

Application support

Production and Supply Chain Management

From order to delivery

Product support

Our complete turn-key solution provides customers with the most efficient path from specification through to medium and high volume ASIC supply. Combining decades of experience we ensure high performance and high quality ASIC solutions are developed and brought to production for you.

For our turn-key product developments we support the full package of IC development services, phase 1 to 3, and continue with production, supply-chain and product support in phase 4. We can supply wafers, post-processed and/or tested wafers or assembled and tested ASICs, completely adapted to your production needs.

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